Business Intelligence Services

A clear and focused approach integrating thorough investigative intelligence and advanced robotics technology in transforming the approach to risk management, incidents and disputes handling and operational excellence.

Who we are

Business Intelligence Services (“BIS”) practice consists of a dynamic team of trained investigators and researchers conducting due diligence concerning integrity, compliance, sanctions with strong business acumen and regulatory focus, supporting our clients in making sound decisions in their mergers and acquisitions (M&A), litigations and compliance management.

What we do

We assist clients in identifying and addressing potential risks to help avoid costly mistakes, regulatory sanctions and reputational damage. We work with a wide range of clients including financial institutions, government agencies, law firms and corporations from pharmaceutical, automotive and other industries. Utilizing a combination of public-record research, site visits and source inquiries, we gather and analyze information of individuals and entities under strict confidentiality protocols in a timely and efficient manner. Our services are also offered via our Deloitte Insights (DI) Platform with added management and analytics capabilities providing our clients greater insights into third party or portfolio risks, enabling better risk management and effective monitoring.

DI Platform

DI Platform is our innovative solution to realize a risk-based approach to managing third party risks. Through DI Platform, we offered an automated intelligence gathering utility that streamlines the screening, verification and monitoring of third parties on an ad-hoc or continuous basis. When workload increases, scale is achieved through deployment of additional machines that are armed with additional capacity leveraging on the technologies to handle the increased demands. The empowerment to our clients is no longer intelligence contained in one due diligence report but structured, risk-based and real-time intelligence across the realm of third-party relationships.

Core Solutions

Pre-transaction due diligence

Background investigations of executives and their companies have become an essential complement to traditional legal and financial due diligence.  Our professionals access a broad range of open source information and public records and, if desired, our trusted industry experts network, to search for red flags, conflicts of interest, undisclosed business affiliations, financial difficulties, and links to sanctioned parties or other parties of interest.  Such due diligence is key to assess any key deal impacting factors and corresponding mitigation strategy.

Third party due diligence

Managing third party risks in the supply chain is key to long term operational success.  Our third party due diligence integrates traditional research techniques with technology-driven analytics to provide a cost-effective and tailored solution for conducting due diligence on a high volume of relationships with third parties, such as vendors, suppliers, business partners, and etc.  Through our DI Platform, we help clients effectively risk rank their third parties relationships based on the risk profile considering ownership, financials, red flag issues, and government connections and best utilize resource in monitoring of high risk relationships.

Asset Searching and Tracing

Combining in depth research and financial analysis, we help our clients in the identification of assets held in corporations, properties, and offshore vehicles, and identified ownerships of assets to front companies and their facilitators.  Leveraging our global network and industry experience, we support our clients in their commercial investigation and asset recovery strategy by providing up-to-date, comprehensive information across the globe.

Fraud / Compliance inquiry support

When there is a suspicion of fraud or corruption, our enhanced background due diligence, or in combination with insights from our industry experts, provide clients with added insights into potential conflicts of interests or other serious issues and uncover potential direct or circumstantial evidence beyond the information typically identified through routine  third party due diligence.  Link analysis and geospatial analytics deployed on our DI Platform further help to pinpoint and visualize hidden relationships and trends that enhance our client's internal investigation capability.

Executive vetting

Tone at the top is what drives compliance culture and helps organizations manage risk.  Our executive vetting service gives our clients peace of mind by reinforcing the organization's commitment to bring in top executives with integrity and professionalism.  Our tailored approach to executive background due diligence can cover key areas of concerns specific to the organization and the position, and aims at uncovering any potential concerns regarding the candidate's reputation, affiliations, and involvement in non-compliance or criminal activities, providing our clients with a more comprehensive profile than typical recruitment interviews can provide.

Litigation intelligence

As part of our litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating the backgrounds of opposing parties in order to help focus litigation strategy.  Our team delves into finding facts relevant to claims and defenses, and identifying and locating witnesses. Such critical information can affect litigation strategy and the scope of the litigation.

Deloitte Difference

Our global team draws from the deep intellectual capital of the 286,000 professionals in more than 150 countries within the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms.  This includes forensic accounting, computer forensic, data analytics and industry specialists in countries around the world.  Access to these professionals can help clients respond to issues rapidly wherever they may arise.  Empowered by big data, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies, our innovative DI Platform transform traditional risk management to truly a risk and insight-based approach.

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