Listen to China's CFOs - Opinions and Challenges

China CFO Survey 2016 Q3

China CFO Program has recently conducted a survey in September to October 2016, with the objective of gauging opinions from China CFOs on a wide range of topics, including the economy, the industry, their companies, as well as their career. With the feedbacks we have collected from 116 CFOs, survey report has been complied with the findings, which we believed that this survey report would be a good reference for benchmarking and CFO’s peer comparison.

Key findings

  • CFOs are not optimistic about the economy and worrying about a potential turmoil, but sentiment is turning positive during the year
  • In global business environment, enterprises benefit from the “Belt and Road” initiative and are affected by Renminbi depreciation in various ways, but are not strongly affected by Brexit at this moment
  • State owned enterprises (SOE), private owned enterprises (POE) and Multinational companies (MNC) are facing different problems
  • The primary challenge for most finance departments is how to influence business strategy

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