Actuaries Changing to Thrive (ACT!)

Actuary x Technology: Innovate, Integrate, Elevate

The Actuaries Changing to Thrive (ACT!), a new and exciting short-video series, brings key insights on the future insurance market trend. In the digital era, actuaries and other insurance practitioners need to innovate, integrate and elevate in their day-to-day roles with optimized usage of cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems. Per each episode of the ACT! video series, our consulting and industry leaders will select a hot topic and discuss how the future will look like. Please join us in this exciting and insightful journey of exploring how we thrive on change and challenge.

ACT Episode 2: Innovative Insurance for Crypto and Non-fungible Token (NFT) Assets

Cryptocurrency has grown significantly in the market over the past few years, attracting players from many industries. Insurers would need to ride on the cryptocurrency trend and think innovatively about how we can turn cryptocurrency into big opportunities. In this episode, we will explore the following key questions:

  • What are the key drivers of the cryptocurrency eco-system development
  • What are common risk factors in using cryptocurrency
  • How cryptocurrency can provide opportunity for the insurance market and the way forward

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