Coping with the challenges of ALM of Chinese banks

Published by Deloitte China Financial Services Industry Center of Excellence (FSICoE)

Deloitte is pleased to present the 16th annual edition of this report, which identifies the world's 250 largest retailers and provides insight into the year's industry trends.

As consumers seek an integrated shopping experience across channels – and in some cases across geographies – retailers are being put to the test.

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The exit of the U.S. QE and interest rate liberalization are the two macro events that have far-reaching impacts on both the domestic and oversea markets, posing tremendous challenges for asset-liability management (ALM). Every banker must plan ahead and think of ways to "first survive, then develop".

From the perspective of the development trends of regulations, domestic and foreign regulatory agencies continue to strengthen supervision in the field of asset-liability management.  Particularly, in managing liquidity risk and interest rate risk of bank accounts, the constantly improved regulations and continuously increased regulatory requirements will lead to a more stringent regulatory environment for commercial banks to operate in and thus more challenges for them in managing assets and liability risks.

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