The new digital era for bancassurance

Reimagining efficient customer engagement

Our series of papers from Deloitte's Hong Kong Insurance team provides insights into digitalization and market reformation in the insurance and financial services sectors.

This report highlights the disruptive potential of digital technologies on how the conventional bancassurance operates.

To achieve higher value-added growths, bancassurers would need to explore strategic co-investments in end-to-end capabilities for a common goal of enhancing customer-centricity. This winning card will be critical to mitigate the risk of declining insurance sales as more customers are less interacted face-to-face at a bank branch, but experience more the digital convenience and flexibility at a click's away.

Deloitte believes that the market shift will pose significant impacts on the setup and governance of the bancassurance partnership in the coming years.

Keys to success: Right strategies and partners
Winning in China's health insurance sector

This paper highlights the existing challenges and opportunities in the Chinese healthcare ecosystem, in which the market is highly regulated and dominated by large, local insurance players.

Driving to a new growth?
How tech-led digital transformation is reshaping the auto insurance battlefield

This paper highlights how transformational forces pushed by innovative technology, such as new entrants like InsurTech and self-driving cars, are bringing price transparency and innovative products to the market.

Auto insurers will need to take transformational steps to tackle these new challenges and re-gain market share and profitability. Establishing a strong relationship with the innovation ecosystem will enable them to sense change and lock in key alliances through co-innovation initiatives with business partners.

Collaboration vs. competition
Unlocking the power of blockchain in insurance

This paper explains why insurance companies that apply new technologies - also known as FinTech or InsurTech - are not disruptive but collaborative for better business value creation. It recommends insurers to strategize, experiment, and develop proofs of concept to leverage blockchain technology and create next-generation products and services that feature greater interaction with their policyholders, whilst driving business growth and maximizing new opportunities through cross-sector collaborations, such as bancassurance and reinsurance.

Tailwinds or Headwinds?
Using digital technology to empower your traditional insurance workforce 

This paper explores how RPA will impact Hong Kong insurers' existing workforce, and support them in making broader changes to their talent management and operation strategies in order to realize substantial benefits, ranging from efficiency and quality enhancement to risk mitigation, innovation, and ultimately, growth. 

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