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The Banking and Securities Sector in China, as in the rest of the world, faces the split challenges of balancing growth and risk with that of a continually developing and increasingly demanding market environment. New entrants, emerging technology, increasingly complex regulation and progression toward a more flexible approach to interest rates and currency policy setting place an unforeseen level of stress on all market participants.

In the face of this, our clients require carefully crafted business strategies and both practical and technical solutions for banks and securities companies to survive, yet alone excel, in both the domestic and international marketplace.

As one of the recognized leaders in providing professional services, Deloitte professionals are working with our banking and securities clients to develop and implement such strategies and solutions – we provide customized services drawn from our vast array of audit, taxation, risk compliance, regulatory and business transformation services. We focus our efforts at helping our clients combine the power of their people, their technology and their processes to lead in their markets. Our clients include state-owned banks, policy banks, joint equity banks, city and rural commercial banks as well as foreign banks operating in the Mainland and Hong Kong/Macau SAR. In addition we audit and advise a vast range of multi-national and domestic finance companies, leasing companies, securities firms and investment banks.

Supported by the Deloitte Global FSI network with strong local presence deeply rooted in China, our banking and securities teams are industry seasoned professionals who bring industry experience and knowledge combined with functional expertise to help address the complexity that today's financial institutions face.  

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