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Building an intelligent project management platform which is effective, open, and reusable

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The Challenges

As one of the major telecommunication operators, the client has been providing critical support to major events at a national level for years. Large project management has always been a problem faced by enterprises which implement diversification strategies. The scale of organization, variety of industries and complicated management hierarchy pose a number of challenges for business operations. Sponsored projects in which external collaboration is involved can be even more challenging and require higher level of management capabilities.


The Objectives

The client hoped to establish a long-term management mechanism based on sponsoring the major sports event, and build an information-based project management system which is flexible and can be reused in the future.


The Solution

Deloitte’s strategic project management solution helped the client with the management of the project lifecycle, sponsorship, operation, and completed the docking with the self-built project management systems of its provincial branches, so as to realize smooth data flows through the whole process, visualization of business process, collaborative progress of various tasks, and delicacy management of sponsorship, which ultimately helped to achieve standardization, transparency, and automation in the whole process, improved efficiency and normativity, and accumulated retained experience data for better knowledge management.


The Project

  • Create a large project management system and a digital platform based on the sponsorship of this major sports event.
  • Establish a strategic project management system which supports the three stages of the project lifecycle online, i.e. planning, implementation, and monitoring, to realize flexible task assignment, clear division of responsibilities, and real-time progress monitoring.
  • Handle the online processing of inquiries, orders, document creation, task distribution, statistical analysis, etc.
  • Build a comprehensive support system consisting of risk registration and document library.


The Achievements

  • The system was constructed and implemented in the headquarters, provincial and municipal branches, district sub-branches, and related subsidiaries. 
  • The work processes were integrated online with improved quality of services and effectiveness of support.  Notably, the timeliness rate of order processing has increased by more than 50%. 
  • Multi-person online collaboration is realized, and project progress can be viewed conveniently, which has significantly reduce communication costs, and increased the timeliness rate of problem-solving by over 30%.
  • Improvement in the knowledge management system, with key documents and deliverables of projects preserved online to facilitate accessing and sharing.

Build an intelligent large project management platform, create a new win-win ecosystem

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