Explore a Wealth of Opportunities in Australia

With an increasing and stable growth, Australia remains a favored destination for overseas investors, especially Chinese companies, seeking a prudent return as they expand their footprints. China and Australia enjoy a long-term investment partnership, starting from 1985 when China made the first endeavor of investing Channar mine in Western Australia. After decades of development, Chinese investment has seen innovative changes, shifting to a dynamic portfolio including ports, agriculture, real estate and infrastructure industries. Recently, ecofriendly agriculture production and high-tech innovation are attracting increasingly more attention from Chinese investors.

Henry Wang, Austrade Senior Investment Commissioner for Greater China talks with John Hung, Deloitte China Markets and Global Network Deputy Leader during the Webcast

Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group invited Henry Wang, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) Senior Investment Commissioner for Greater China as guest speaker for a national webcast introducing the favorable investment environment, potential opportunities and the economic transition in Oceania so as to discover new opportunities for Chinese companies.

The highly stable Australian economy and flourishing bilateral trade with China are the main attractions to Chinese investors. With 26 years of consecutive annual economic growth, Australia is the only country that keeps its economy from shrinking during the period. Ranking the 5th largest economy in Asia region and 13th largest in the world, Australia serves as an important gateway to AP and even global market for Chinese companies. Meanwhile, the mature market and transparent market operations in Australia are largely valued by Chinese investors as external risks confronted during outbound investment can be effectively managed in the steady Australian market.

"Government prioritization guidance can sometimes make impossible into possible," according to Henry. And for Australian government, only those projects or investments that help drive economic benefit can be endorsed and supported by the country initiatives.

Australian government prioritized five sectors for foreign investment

The Australian government gives priority to five major industries for attracting foreign investment---major infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, agribusiness and food, resources and energy, advanced manufacturing, services and technologies. These five sectors enjoy great potential of further development and received substantial attentions from both the government and foreign investors.

With regard to major infrastructure sector, more opportunities emerge with the promotion of Northern Australia Development. The high level visits between two governments have also provided impetus to many investment projects.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia increases by 20% y-o-y growth rate, with the total visitors reaching a record-breaking number of over 1.2 million in 2016, which creates a large market for hospitality and tourism industry.

As for food and consumption sector, Austrade signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Alibaba in 2016, to help Chinese companies expand their business scopes in Australia and connect Australian exporters with the Chinese market.

Resources and energy sector is well recognized as a key industry for attracting FDI, but we have seen, the focus of energy investment is gradually shifting from black minerals to clean energy. For instance, a substantial investment worth AU$ 20 million was made by the Australian government into the lithium mining project in order to promote the development of renewable energy.

When talking about advanced manufacturing, services and technologies sectors, both Henry Wang and Mike Song, Deloitte Australia CSG Director highlighted the active investments in medical care sector. As aged care is a key sector supported by the Australian government, the market should keep a positive attitude towards the development and investment into medical technologies industry.

Leveraging an integrated platform of more than 300 Chinese-speaking experts in Australia, Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group is positioned to work closely with Austrade and help navigate Chinese enterprises eyeing Australian investment opportunities via professional advice, effective solutions, and the right "Australian strategy" to ensure successful cross-border investment and operation excellence.

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