Embrace Healthcare Revolution

Strategically moving from volume to value

The report

With the release of the "healthy China 2030" program outline and the development of the medical reform policy, the implementation of the healthy China strategy is the primary priority of health care industry in the new era. With the gradual landing of a number of health care reform policies, the focus of the next stage of China's health care industry is to balance the medical resources in various dimensions and comprehensively implement grading treatment. At the same time, under the premise of guaranteeing the basic medical services of the whole people, the goal is to promote diversified and personalized medical services and encourage the marketization and innovation of health care services.

This "Embrace Healthcare Revolution" report is developed by Deloitte Research and Deloitte China Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Team about China Healthcare Industry's current situation and future trends. The report analysis the China health strategies and discuss the opportunities and challenges of China Healthcare industry, hoping to help build a long-term joint health ecosystem in China.


Viewpoints / key findings

This report analyses the new medical reform patterns under the "China healthcare strategy 2030" from below five aspects:

  • The current situation and future trends of the China healthcare industry
  • Upgrading demand help promote healthcare industry transforming from "medical service" to "health service"
  • The focus of healthcare reform is shifted from "controlling fees" to "optimizing and balancing medical resources"
  • Public hospital reforms have been upgraded and private hospitals are booming
  • Digital and information technology revolution help promote healthcare industry's upgrading

With the deepening of medical reform, the Chinese healthcare service industry will break through with multiple dimensions of innovation in the future and make a particular way of Chinese characteristics. At the same time, it is foreseeable that cross industrial cooperation will continue to upgrade and the entire medical and healthcare industry ecosystem will still expand rapidly.

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