Trends and Outlook of the Auto Electronics Industry

The report provides an overview of the policy environment in the automotive industry, the current status of the auto electronics industry and the development trends of selected sub-segments. It indicates that auto makers have been making great efforts to explore new growth opportunities through the improvement of the car performance, which is driven by the increasingly strict regulatory requirements and also, thanks to the technological developments, most importantly, the leap in the automotive electronics technology. 

With the auto industry evolving towards lightweight, miniaturization, intelligence and electrification, the market of the auto electronics has grown rapidly. The improved specialization of parts manufacturers enables them to play a more important role than OEMs in leading the technological innovation in a number of segments. Within the automotive electronics segments, Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS), connected vehicles and electric energy are considered as the leading groundbreaking technology, which promises huge growth potentials and exerts profound impact on the automotive industry chain.

(English version)
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