Unplugged: Electric Vehicle Realities versus Consumer Expectations

Survey results from 13,000 Global Consumers in 17 countries

DTTL's Global Manufacturing Industry group conducted a global survey in early 2011 to explore consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The online survey captures the views of more than 13,000 consumers across the Americas, Asia and Europe in 17 countries. It examines, among other things, how likely consumers would be to consider buying or leasing an electric vehicle when they buy or lease their next vehicle.

This report looks closely at the survey results, with special attention to geographical differences and similarities in consumers' responses. It also provides critical context by contrasting consumer perceptions and expectations with the current realities of electric vehicle technology. It indicates that consumers across the globe expect electric vehicles (EVs) to be able to go farther, on less charge time, for a lower price than automakers are currently able to offer. For more than 85 percent of the consumers surveyed, range, convenience to charge, and cost to charge were all extremely important or very important considerations for buying or leasing an EV according to the report. As important as the electric vehicle technology and pricing is in consumer adoption considerations, we believe there are three other items – government policies, electric utility infrastructure, and alternatives, which will also have a very strong influence on consumers’ purchase decisions.

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