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Strategic Cooperation

The Computing Conference 2016 Beijing Summit was held on August 9 in Beijing. Deloitte Consulting, as the Intellectual Supporting Partner, announced with Ali Cloud to establish bilateral strategic cooperation, and held a launch ceremony for Deloitte & Ali Cloud Managerial Innovation Lab (DAMI-lab), which aims at exploring the front-tier practices of enterprise transformation.

Why do we cooperate?

Faced by lower efficiency and profit margins, large and medium-sized enterprises, especially those in highly monopolized industries, need to leverage cloud technology to improve efficiency and enhance synergy among enterprises and even among industries. However, they are generally lacking in experience of applying cloud technology.

Ali Cloud, a leading cloud platform both at home and abroad, has a well-developed platform for cloud computing and mature capabilities in cloud technology, with a major focus on technology itself.

Deloitte, a leading consulting firm both at home and abroad, offers consulting services and suggestions on reform and transformation to traditional enterprises by leveraging its rich industry experience, application capabilities of cloud technology, as well as the leading Ali Cloud platform. Cloud computing service is a major area provided by Deloitte Consulting's technology team to various large and medium-sized enterprises in 2016. We believe that in the constantly evolving Internet era, cloud computing will be provided as a public service on an as-needed basis whenever and wherever possible.

How do we cooperate?

Guided by the strategic initiatives of “Internet Plus” and “China Manufacturing 2025”, Deloitte and Ali Cloud worked together and made use of each other's advantages to co-establish DAMI-lab, a platform enabling the management and innovation practice of enterprise transformation.

In addition, based on the understanding of business management and technological development trends, Deloitte will participate in the session themed Pathway for Large Enterprises to the Cloud to share insights on how large enterprises may achieve higher commercial values by leveraging cloud computing.

Based on this cooperation, Deloitte Consulting, as the Intellectual Supporting Partner for Ali Cloud, will share Deloitte’s viewpoints on international and domestic hot topics, industry insights, and technological trends, and work with Ali Cloud for solutions to support China’s new normal and help enterprises to seize opportunities, in an effort to facilitate the development of China and the whole world.

Michael Liu, President of Deloitte (Greater China) Cloud Services, said that Deloitte firmly believes that cloud computing and big data will become the source of power for enterprise innovation. Through cooperation with Ali Cloud, Deloitte will be able to help clients establish long-standing and flexible competitive advantages on different business levels and quickly seize new market opportunities.

Jing Zhang, General Manager of Ali Cloud Central Enterprises Department said that Deloitte is a global leading consulting firm with a wealth of experience in serving large and medium-sized enterprises. Ali Cloud will combine its technological advantages with Deloitte’s industry experience and provide better cloud services to clients.

Ali Cloud will focus on the technology architecture of cloud platform, and provide exclusive cloud services for large enterprises, while on such basis, Deloitte will help Ali Cloud develop industrial cloud and customized enterprise cloud, and improve and enrich PaaS (Platform as a Service) components, working together to build a system architecture focusing on platform and supplemented by application.

What do we do in cooperation?

Deloitte Consulting will integrate its advanced technologies and business strategic capabilities, on the basis of Ali Cloud’s highly efficient and energy saving Green Data Center and its large-scale distributed storage and computing capacity capable of providing flexible support to different internet applications, to help clients establish long-standing and flexible competitive advantages on different business levels, and help organizations quickly seize new market opportunities, matching various needs of clients from “big data informatization strategy” to “application system implementation”.

  • Preliminary proposal 1: The research and development work delivers end-to-end solutions across the supply chain involving multiple industries.

    Deloitte assists the technology team of Ali Cloud which develops industrial cloud and customized enterprise cloud in improving and enriching PaaS technology components;

    Deloitte focuses on developing PaaS business components and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions which are gradually converted to components at the shared service level through component atomization to build a system architecture focusing on platform and supplemented by application;

    Finally, the clients are provided with complete three-tier enterprise cloud computing solutions across multiple industries, covering the overall supply chain.
  • Preliminary proposal 2: To help multinational enterprises apply Ali Cloud.

    By leveraging unique global network and client resources as well as extensive research and deep insights on the political, economic, and market circumstances of China, Asia, and the globe, Deloitte is able to provide multidisciplinary services to assist multinational enterprises apply Ali Cloud for overseas businesses and help foreign enterprises apply Ali Cloud in China.
  • Preliminary proposal 3: Deloitte and Ali Cloud co-develop a systematic Ali Cloud implementation methodology through cooperation.

    Deloitte's Enterprise Value Delivery (EVD) which aims to ensure consistency and quality of global delivery is a comprehensive methodology which provides a set of deliverables including methods, tools, templates, examples, study courseware, and accelerators. Deloitte and Ali Cloud will join hands to develop a comprehensive and systematic Ali Cloud implementation methodology to help enterprises better realize the value of management innovation.

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