Investment Promotion Report of China's Logistics Industry 2014-2015


Investment Promotion Report of China's Logistics Industry 2014-2015

"Investment Promotion Report of China's Logistics Industry 2014-2015" is an annual analysis report on the development of China's logistics industry, which was led by Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce and written by Deloitte Research and Development & Research Center of the State Post Bureau. In the report, we complete a comprehensive analysis on the current development and competition status of China's logistics industry and the differentiated development of logistics supply chain across different industries. The report also demonstrates the investment trends in China's logistics industry.

The viewpoints / key findings

Along with the deeper-level progress made in the global and regional economic integration and the widespread usage of information technology especially the internet in recent years, the global logistics industry has undergone profound changes and has received ever increasing attention. Here is a summary of our key findings from this report:

China's economic transformation has profoundly changed the logistics industry.

  • At present, China's economy enters a "new-normal" stage. Correspondingly, its logistics industry arrives at the crossroad of upgrade and transformation.
  • The industrial restructuring, especially in the shrinkage of industries with excess capacity, has forced the logistics enterprises in the affected industries to make business adjustment and develop emerging fields of business.

Integration between logistics enterprises and e-commerce businesses is accelerating and cross-boundary competition is intensifying.

  • The rapid emergence of e-commerce has had a profound impact on the consumer retail business in China, destroyed the traditional distribution system on the market, and more importantly, put a higher requirement on the frequency and quantity of production – to match by demand.
  • While e-commerce has boomed the logistics industry, it has also felt the threat from that industry

The improvement of operational efficiency in the entire logistics industry heavily relies on enhancement of standardization and technology.

  • Even though China's government provides favorable policy for the standardization of China's logistics industry, the status is still relative backward during the implementation. The enhancement of the standardization is very important for improve China's competitive position in the international market.
  • In recent years, emerging technologies represented by big data, cloud computing and internet of things have offered huge opportunities for the transformation and upgrade of logistics industry.
  • The standardization of service and equipment plays a key role in improving the overall logistics service efficiency and quality. The standardization of logistics system is based on standardizing hardware equipment and improved by standardizing software. In other words, on the foundation of standardizing information, facility and equipment, enhancing the standards in operation, management, and service helps upgrade the logistics industry.

Releasing capacity in the international market, regional and cross-border expansion will be new engines in driving logistics growth.

  • The continued structural change in e-commerce in the future is foreseeable as mobile internet becomes more popular.
  • Meantime, the explosive growth in cross-border e-commerce business proves to be a new engine in pushing the development of e-commerce to a new high.

National development strategies and policies including “One Belt One Road “and “Urbanization” present more opportunities for logistics development.

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