Sustainability Spotlight Series 


  • No.53 Bracing for CSRD: A Guide for Chinese Corporates
    CSRD has raised the bar for ESG disclosure, presenting both challenges and opportunities for Chinese companies doing business in Europe. Deloitte provides comprehensive and one-stop set of solutions for companies in different stages of sustainability transformation, helping companies build ESG frameworks from scratch, formulate ESG strategies and business models, and carry out ESG information disclosure and assurance, with the ultimate goal of helping our clients adapt to a more sustainability-centric future.
  • No.51 Supply Chain Sustainability – How to ensure real progress?
    Supply chain is often where companies find their largest risks and opportunities. For instance, for many companies, their supply chain related carbon emissions – there so called scope 3 emissions - can make up between 65 to 90% of their overall carbon footprint. It’s the same for other sustainability issues. But it’s difficult to know how to reach into the supply chain and make effective changes if companies don’t have a clear picture.
  • No.50 CBAM and its implications for companies in China
    The Paris Agreement gives countries the flexibility to set their own targets (NDCs, nationally determined contributions) to meet global climate goals. This approach bought countries together, but also created asymmetry between countries and their respective efforts to address climate change.  As the European Union (EU) pushes forward with its ambition to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 its emissions allowance costs are increasing to EUR 80-100 per tonne. 

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