Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Pulse Check


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Pulse Check

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Pulse Check?

A user friendly iPad app to help automobile executives assess their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, see how they compare against the industry average, and receive tailored recommendations to build cutting edge CRM competencies.

Why We Created It?

Auto industry leaders of today need sophisticated, comprehensive, data driven, CRM capabilities to help them stay ahead of increasingly fierce competition. The CRM Pulse App combines Deloitte China's CRM thought leadership and deep knowledge gained through direct client engagement to help you assess and improve your organization's CRM capability. The App contains information and analysis relevant to OEMs, Dealers, Parts Manufacturers, and other companies along the value chain.

Key Benefits

  • Understand your firm's current CRM capabilities in less than 5 minutes
  • Receive customized recommendations to advance your CRM maturity in nine key categories of CRM excellence
  • Access to best practice examples, relevant thoughtware, and tools for both CRM and industry related topics

How it works?

Download Deloitte Customer Relationship Management Pulse Check

  • Search "CRM Pulse Check" on App store
  • Or scan the QR code with your iPad
  • Contact us at to learn more.


Please note CRM Pulse Check can only be used on iPad.

Deloitte CRM Expert

Michael Chen

Michael Chen

Director, Strategy & Operation

Professional background Mr. Chen is a Director at Monitor Deloitte based in Beijing, focusing on Strategy and Operation Consulting. Mr. Chen has served clients in the Automotive OEMs, Financial servic... More