2021 Deloitte global mobility trends report

Apprehend the key trends of global mobility and build a future-ready workforce

In today's business world, "mobility" calls for a brand new perspective given the digital revolution, the impact of the pandemic, new geopolitical and legal regulatory environment.

In the latest 2021 Deloitte Global Mobility Trends Report produced by Global Workforce Transformation Services, 7 trends have been captured to exemplify what's happening in the marketplace leading into the future:

Trend 1:From Careers to Portfolios                           

Trend 2:Virtual Working                                                          

Trend 3:Hyper-inclusive Workplaces

Trend 4:Worker Wellbeing                                               

Trend 5:Protectionist Trade Policies & Immigration Complexity                    

Trend 6:Digital Workforce Experience                                                  

Trend 7:#StayOnTheGround

These trends are based on the broader observation, research and analysis in business field, as well as the in-depth interviews with human resource managers. 

2021 Deloitte Global Mobility Trends Report serves as a compass to assist you iron out your talent strategies into the next decade and beyond.  If you have any questions regarding the report, please feel free to contact us.

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