China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Negative List (unofficial English translation)

Business Regulation and Tax Newsflash

Issue 5 - 30 September 2013

Immediately following the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone's official launch, the Shanghai Municipal Government overnight released six sets of regulations for the zone, all of which are effective from 1 October 2013:

In the meantime, the following departments of the State Council also issued circulars to support the development of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone:

  • The State Administration for Industry and Commerce;
  • The China Banking Regulatory Commission;
  • The China Insurance Regulatory Commission;
  • The China Securities Regulatory Commission;
  • The Ministry of Culture; and
  • The Ministry of Transport.

Please follow the link listed above for the whole texts of the above regulations in Chinese. Deloitte unofficial English translation for some of them will soon be provided via the dedicated portal page.

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