2016 Digital Education Survey 

For the past decade, Deloitte's global Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) practice has commissioned Digital Democracy Survey in order to develop an understanding of the attitudes and behaviours surrounding the rapidly transforming digital landscape. This year, Deloitte's TMT practice commissioned its inaugural Digital Education Survey involved in 2800+ responses from demographically-diverse teachers, parents, and students, to better understand how digital transformation is specifically impacting the education ecosystem. Both inside and outside of classroom.

Viewpoints / key findings

  • A peek into today's classroom
    Textbooks' days are numbered,laptops, desktops, and tablets are the most common devices used in the classroom, with games and apps more prevalent in PreK-5th grade classroom.
  • After the bell rings: expanding the classroom
    Our Survey finds a prime opportunity for education technology to connect in-classroom curriculum to enhanced learning outside the classroom. The widespread availability and adoption of electronic devices at home, along with growing interest by teachers, parents and students in continuing learning outside of the classroom has created an expansion of the education ecosystem.
  • A diversity of expectations and motivations
    The usage expectations and motivations driving education technology use varied between teachers, parents and students, perhaps illuminating a need for greater customization for each audience, learning environment and grade levels. Understanding the biggest motivators for digital product acquisition can be helpful in informing product design, learning objectives and marketing messages. 
  • The power and influence of teachers
    Teachers are looked to most for advice and knowledge regarding education technology, and they remain in digital times a key avenue to adoption.

The Future of Learning

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