Deloitte China and ZTE release 5G+ICT Industry Trends White Paper  

5G+ICT Industry Trends White Paper is jointly compiled by Deloitte China Technology, Media & Telecommunication Industry and ZTE. The white paper comprehensively reviews global 5G development in 2019, analyzes how operators and equipment vendors reduce cost, improve efficiency, and innovate amid the complex international political and economic landscape. It specifies how 5G empowers the development of vertical industries and promotes digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

  • Large-scale deployment of 5G will be launched, and the industry will see a booming growth: 2019, as the first year of 5G commercialization era, has been experiencing the mass deployment of 5G initiated by global leading operators, with more and more 5G devices  been introduced into the public. In the next few years, 5G networks and users will grow rapidly; large-scale deployment of 5G will gradually enter a rapid progress stage in the world.
  • Communication operations under the rapid growing trends of 5G: Against the background of the slowdown in the global economy, operators are facing with various kinds of pressures and challenges such as revenue, cost, and competition. In order to meet the market demand, operators are also striving to explore industry rules and customer characteristics. They are committed to building open platforms and ecosystem, and providing extensive values for ecosystem partners and users.
  • Equipment manufacturers’ coping measures: ICT equipment manufacturers establish core competitiveness through the philosophy of “innovation, agility and cooperation”. They enhance the competitiveness with cutting-edge devices and technologies, build networks with advanced equipment and services, empower core and basic capabilities with intelligent and simplified network, and build universal business with core and basic capabilities. With high integration of business and industries, various application scenarios will be developed to promote the digital transformation in the real world and discover deep-level values.
  • Intelligent manufacturing industry leads the imagination of 5G empowering the industries: In intelligent manufacturing industry, 5G was applied to improve efficiency in the early stage, and then gradually evolve into a higher level of promoting the industrial innovation such as product services and model innovation to construct a value network. In the future, 5G will promote the digital transformation of numerous industries and become a new engine of human society progress.

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