Deloitte shares 5G insights at GSMA Thrive

Inspiring new business models by leveraging 5G opportunities

The GSMA Thrive virtual event officially kicked off on 30 June. As sponsor of this online exchange platform, Deloitte China, in collaboration with GSMA, co-hosted and participated in multiple sessions, shedding light upon hot topics including industry trends in the 5G era. Through in-depth discussions with industry experts and leaders, we strived to explore 5G challenges and opportunities, thereby boosting the development of 5G ecosystem.

Deloitte China Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader Taylor Lam attended the 5G Innovation and Investment Summit, and moderated the "Capture the Next 'Unicorn' in the 5G Era" roundtable. Guest speakers included Xiao Ming, Overseas president of ZTE, Agustín Moro Canada, Global Head of Business Development and Global Strategic Partnerships at Telefónica Open Future, Lu Yao, Director of Innovation and Projects at Orange, Axel Menneking, Vice President of Startup Incubation & Venturing at Deutsche Telekom, Minette Navarret, Co-founder and President of Kickstart Ventures, Inc. under Globe Telecom, and Olivier Letant, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operation at Apigate (An Axiata Group Company), who exchanged perspectives on market trends and investment hotspots in the 5G era . 

"5G is bringing disruptive changes to all industries. In this unprecedented era, Deloitte is committed to transforming the 'rising stars of the future' into world-class enterprises with our unique insights," said Taylor, "we take it as our mission and relentless pursuit to empower transformation and lead in innovation. Working with our partners in the 5G ecosystem, we will build on a wide range of practicable business scenarios and provide full support for applications in vertical industries to create more business value."

Dean of Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy Dr. Tony Hu shared insights on how to adapt to 5G industry innovation trends at the 5G IN Academy WeClass. “As the next-generation information technology, 5G has played a critical role in orderly resumption of work and production amid COVID-19”, said Tony. “5G-integrated applications are forming the ‘3+4+X’ system in the future of Internet. A 5G-integrated application system consists of three application directions, four general applications and "X" industry applications. 5G applications cover three directions, namely industrial digitalization, smart living and invisible governance. The four general applications include 4K/8K UHD videos, VR/AR, drones/cars/ships, and robots. The application of 5G in industrial, agricultural, transportation, health care, education, security, entertainment and many other industries will also give rise to "X" innovative industry applications”, he added.

The 5G Security Forum, successfully concluded on 2 July, brought together executives and experts from operators, terminal equipment manufacturers and cyber security service providers. They exchanged ideas on hot topics about cyber security in the 5G era, including how to build a resilient, secure and trustworthy 5G network, opportunities and challenges the new infrastructure brings to insiders, sustainable development of 5G industry, and the security responsibility of 5G players.  

Deloitte China Cyber Risk Services Leader Tonny Xue moderated the session and delivered an opening speech. Tonny shared Deloitte's insights on 5G security outlook, elaborating that while 5G technology is accelerating connectivity in cities through highly integrated application scenarios, it engenders unique cyber risks regarding IoT device access, infrastructure, data tampering and leakage, etc. To address these cyber challenges, Deloitte puts forward a 5G framework which ensures security in terminal, edge computing, network, business and data middle office, application and operational management. By enabling data security, business security and privacy protection, this framework will boost business growth and innovation with enhanced operating efficiency and reputation, thereby fuelling business value creation.

Event highlights

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