Cooperation upgrade: Deloitte Consulting-Alibaba Cloud Global Strategic Partnership Announcement and Release of Deloitte Consulting White Paper on Cloud Deployment for MNCs

Deloitte Consulting and Alibaba Cloud announce global strategic partnership

The 2019 Alibaba Cloud Beijing summit was held on March 21 at the China National Convention Center. On behalf of Deloitte Consulting Mr. Stanley Dai, Deloitte Consulting national Managing Partner announced the global strategic partnership together with senior executives of Alibaba Cloud. Leveraging their global reputations and resources to bring best-of-breed services to customers in Greater China and globally, Deloitte Consulting as the world's largest management consulting company and Alibaba Cloud as the world-leading and Asia Pacific No.1 cloud service provider will continue to help enterprises realize digital transformation and continued innovation.

As early as 2015, the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation and announced the establishment of the Deloitte Consulting- Alibaba Management Innovation Lab (DAMI-lab) to explore the cutting-edge practice of enterprise transformation at the 2016 ‘Yun Qi’ conference's Beijing summit. Deloitte Consulting is the first international consulting company to have established a strategic partnership with AliCloud, and the first consulting company in China to establish an exclusive AliCloud service team. Deloitte Consulting's cloud service team provides services ranging from cloud strategic planning, SaaS implementation, custom implementation, cloud migration, cloud operations management, as well as enterprise digital DNA, risk and compliance and operational support. With four years of profound cooperation, the two sides have delivered over 30 digital and cloud transformation projects as well as created five joint solutions and 12 innovative assets.

The era of the digital economy has arrived, with great changes taking place in social economy and lifestyle. To embrace and lead these changes, as well as better serve customers and society, both parties have adjusted their structures in recent years. Deloitte Global continues to promote organizational upgrading, integrating member firms and setting up regional units, as well as integrating business lines, and is committed to providing clients with end-to-end capabilities from strategy and operations to IT implementation.

AliCloud has announced upgrades to AliCloud intelligence, comprehensively integrating the group's intelligent capabilities with AliCloud and opening up its intelligent capabilities to the whole of society. In line with the principle of serving customers and society, the Deloitte Consulting-AliCloud cooperation is now upgraded from "Keeping a foothold in China" to "Expanding its vision to the world", with the aim of comprehensive global cooperation. The partnership will take action across multiple fields including markets, networks, industries and solutions, as well as explore a broader marketplace with the help of both sides' channels and networks, combining their respective advantages, creating joint marketing solutions and innovative assets, and providing customers with digital transformation services with greater industry insights and enterprise characteristics.

In terms of market, Deloitte Consulting and AliCloud will simultaneously strive to develop in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The two parties will comprehensively integrate their resources and actively expand business in these regions, which represent their strategic focus in overseas markets.

In terms of network, Deloitte has a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories. It will effectively integrate its service network across the globe with AliCloud's world-leading cloud ecosystem, aiming to extend sales channels in key regional markets and achieve breakthroughs in sales modes.

In terms of solutions, Deloitte Consulting has been deeply involved in and developed keen insights into the industry for many years. Serving over 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies, Deloitte specializes in solving complex enterprise management problems and owns a set of methodology and knowledge assets that represent more than 100 years of effort. This is highly complementary to AliCloud's advanced cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain platform technologies. Drawing on the successful experience of Alibaba Group in new retail, new manufacturing, technology and finance, the partners will work together to provide the most advanced digital transformation solutions for industry customers and facilitate their innovative development.

This cooperation upgrade marks a new chapter in the strategic partnership between the parties.

Deloitte Consulting releases White Paper on Cloud Deployment for MNCs

Over decades of rapid economic development, China's unique market space and innovative atmosphere have been highly attractive to overseas enterprises. In cooperation with global clients, Deloitte Consulting has developed a deep understanding of how organizations in different industries and at various stages of development face the same challenges in exploring the Chinese market.

In its cooperation with AliCloud, Deloitte gives full consideration to the pain points of overseas enterprises seeking to expand their businesses in China and uses the advantages of AliCloud to provide comprehensive guidance to multinational enterprises on cloud strategy. The results of two rounds of testing and verification of three use cases by Deloitte Consulting's China and overseas teams show AliCloud has a strong digital ecology and high cost-performance ratio, making it the optimal cloud choice for multinational enterprises in China.

AliCloud has tremendously powerful cloud infrastructure in China and a worldwide backbone network. These help multinational enterprises expand their businesses in China more rapidly, avoid having to establish data centers in China or allow them to establish smaller data centers than would otherwise be required, realize "one-point access, connect the world", accelerate the construction of marketing networks and use emerging technologies to promptly enhance their core competitiveness.

AliCloud has a deep understanding of how to comply with China's network security law and has been granted multiple industry security certifications across the world. When multinational enterprises conduct business in China, AliCloud can ensure domestic and foreign security and compliance requirements will be met after cloud adoption. AliCloud can also establish security protection strategies that rapidly and effectively comply with the laws and regulations pf China, making it a trusted partner in the compliance and security of multinational enterprises' cloud adoption.

AliCloud has overall advantages from its combination of performance, scalability, availability, cost and other factors. Customers can migrate their existing business applications to AliCloud and realize the digital transformation of their businesses with the help of AliCloud's powerful technology platform, while reducing IT expenditure costs.

Overseas customers can also directly migrate their overseas businesses to AliCloud in China. With the technology accumulation of AliCloud in various industries and its leading technologies in big data, AI, mobile Internet, e-commerce, Internet of things and other fields, customers can achieve faster business innovation and upgrading.

Through AliCloud, overseas enterprises can achieve rapid development with the help of the internal and external ecosystem of Alibaba Group, as well as take advantage of favorable opportunities in the Chinese market. AliCloud has a strong digital ecology, which is built by internal organizations and external partners including Alibaba Group channels (e-commerce and mobile, digital media and entertainment, localized life service applications), payments and finance, logistics, big data marketing platforms, cloud computing and AI technology platforms. As global strategic partner to the AliCloud ecology, Deloitte Consulting, the global benchmark for the consulting industry and cloud services market leader, will work with AliCloud to provide customers with quality services and promote a global ecology of innovation, mutually beneficial cooperation and vibrant development.

The Alibaba Cloud Beijing summit conference theme, "10 Years – Reloaded", elaborates on the evolution from cloud technology to cloud intelligence. The comprehensive upgrade of the global strategic partnership between Deloitte Consulting and AliCloud, replete with mutually beneficial cooperation and complementary advantages, will help industries and enterprises understand the very latest trends in the wave of digital transformation, cope with technological disruption, grasp opportunities for change and continue to forge ahead. With the committed efforts of both parties, we will create a more brilliant future!

Deloitte Consulting – Alibaba Cloud Global Strategic Partnership Announcement and Release of Deloitte White Paper on Cloud Deployment for MNCs (Click to enlarge the photo. Source: Alibaba Cloud)
Stanley Dai, Deloitte Consulting National Managing Partner (Click to enlarge the photo. Source: Alibaba Cloud)
Release of Deloitte Consulting White Paper on Cloud Deployment for MNCs (Click to enlarge the photo. Source: Alibaba Cloud)
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