Deloitte received the SAP Best Partner Award – The Enabler of Intelligent Sustainable Chinese Enterprise in the Cloud Era

Published: 2 November 2022

The SAP Greater China Partner Summit 2022 was recently held in Yunnan. Deloitte had the honour of receiving the SAP Best Partner Award (2022) – The “new Chinese enterprise” enabler award in the Cloud Era and the SAP Best Business Value Realization Award in Greater China 2021 – 2022 first half of the year. This was a representation of excellent collaboration with SAP in the marketplace creating an impact that matters to our customers jointly.

The theme was "working together to quickly enter the Cloud Era" and many ecological partners gathered to talk about "new Chinese enterprises". They worked together as "good partners for business transformation" to help Chinese enterprises understand how to start their journey to the cloud and quickly enter a new stage of high-quality development. SAP congratulated the outstanding performance of Deloitte in the past year. Woolf Huang, Deloitte Consulting China Clients, Industries and Markets Leader, and Andy Zhou, Deloitte China SAP Alliance Leader and Deloitte Consulting China SAP Offering Leader, attended the summit on behalf of Deloitte and received the awards from SAP.

SAP Best Partner Award – The Enabler of Intelligent Sustainable Chinese Enterprise in the Cloud Era

Picture source: SAP


SAP Best Business Value Realization Award (Greater China 2021-2022 First Half of the Year)

Picture source: SAP

Deloitte has maintained long-term strategic cooperation with SAP in China. As an important ecological partner of SAP, Deloitte strategically collaborates with SAP in key industries and leverage its technologies in conjunction with our industry experience and service capabilities to enable digital transformation, cloud transformation and digital innovation for customers. Deloitte's excellent service ability and outstanding contribution in SAP's ecosystems has been recognized through the awards received.

Deloitte has spared no effort to assist customers ascend to the cloud and accelerate digital transformation through RISE with SAP. In financial year 2022, Deloitte China has helped multiple local enterprises to realise RISE with SAP projects successfully. Through the deployment and implementation services of public cloud and private cloud, we have helped leading enterprises in retail consumer goods, life science, high-tech, automotive, industrial manufacturing and other industries to implement a digital management platform and simplify their business complexity. Deloitte leverages SAP’s ecological resources to meet the needs of customers for comprehensive transformation. This supports rapid and comprehensive cloud coverage, accelerates the integration of industry and finance, promotes process standardization and lean management as well as enables rapid expansion of business territory in the future while supporting enterprises to operate stably. Moving forward, Deloitte will continue to work hand in hand with SAP to realise the "cloud transformation" of enterprises.

In addition, Deloitte and SAP Greater China have maintained a high degree of cooperation on the strategy of "Accelerating SAP S/4HANA MOVE". Deloitte's SAP S/4HANA MOVE specialized service team has customized clear integration solutions and services (such as system transformation, continuous optimization, data migration, globalization, etc) for customers through its extensive experience in high-tech, automotive, retail, consumer goods and other industries. So far, Deloitte has successfully realised MOVE strategic cooperation projects with multiple local enterprises, helping enterprises to complete migration efficiently with higher simplicity, faster speed and better cost-effectiveness. We leverage on our history of success and experience to support the platform data management products, provide customers with global business practices, and realize the intelligent transformation journey of "new Chinese enterprises".

At present, Deloitte has a professional SAP implementation team of more than 1500 people in China. The team offers comprehensive services, rich industry experience, insight into information technology trends and solid service capabilities. Deloitte will work with SAP to assist customers in digital transformation, cloud deployment and digital innovation in Greater China, achieve alliance strategy, and provide customers with a new digital future of sustainable growth.

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