Eric Lu

Partner, Actuarial and Insurance Solutions

Eric Lu

35/F One Pacific Place

88 Queensway

Hong Kong


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Eric is an actuarial Partner serving as the Insurance Sector Point of Contact in Mainland China and deputy leader of IFRS 17 Integrated Market Offering. Eric has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has assisted numerous clients in Asia on a wide range of insurance related engagements. In particular, he provided services on audit, M&A due diligence, financial reporting, embedded value reporting and risk management. He also has exposure in a wide range of work which requires different level of actuarial participation, e.g. actuarial modelling and product pricing. Eric is the signing partner on PICC Group’s embedded value opinion. He has delivered numerous M&A due diligence assignments in the region. Eric is well recognized and connected with the regulators in China. He is a member of the Insurance Industry Expert Committee of China Insurance Security Fund.