Our experience in local and international laws and regulations means we can help you with the all-important obligation of meeting complex auditing requirements. With state of the art technology, our professionals can deliver efficient and cost effective audit solutions.


Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland IPO markets in 2014 -Interim review and outlook

Deloitte China National Public Offering Group recently released its review on the IPO markets of HK and Chinese Mainland for the first six months of 2014 together with their forecast in the second half.


POG Flash Insights

Issued by the Public Offering Group providing first-hand intelligence and insights of the IPO markets in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and overseas.


IFRS in focus

IFRS in Focus newsletters are published at the time of release of new and revised Standards and Interpretations, Exposure Drafts and discussion documents, including summaries of the documents and consideration of the principal amendments/proposals.


Audit services

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Public Offering Services

Our Public offerings professionals deliver immediate and comprehensive services in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong. We have also helped companiies list in other markets e.g. New York, London, Europe, Canada, Tokyo, and Singapore.


Financial reporting in Mainland China

China has made significant progress in harmonising Chinese accounting standards with IFRSs. Deloitte has been engaged as consultants to help the MOF develop a body of Chinese Accounting Standards in line with accounting and financial reporting practice used internationally.


Financial reporting in Hong Kong

Learn more in our accounting news update and a series of Deloitte publications to deal with the application of the HKFRS and IFRS.


Advisory in audit

We provide a broad spectrum of services to help our clients make greater impact on strategy formulation and execution including accounting advisory, event consultation, finance transformation (FinanceCare) and regulatory advisory.


Internal Audit

Learn how we can help you manage risk across your organization and enhance the overall business effectiveness, quality and value.


Regulatory readiness and facilitation compliance services

Our stepped approach to building a strong internal control framework is flexible enough to be customised yet sufficiently structured to address the most critical requirements of your compliance strategy.

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IAS Plus

Deloitte's IAS Plus website features an extensive collection of news and resources about IFRS, the IASB, and international accounting and auditing developments.


CAS Plus

Providing comprehensive information about China's accounting and international accounting development aiming at accounting professionals, businesses, financial analysts, standard-setters and regulators and accounting educators and students