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Técnicas de análisis pueden aumentar la eficiencia y la calidad del proceso de auditoría al tiempo que proporcionan una visión más significativa de una organización.

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The world of audit has evolved, with stronger regulatory demands, increasing data volumes and the shift from manual to automated processes.  Organizations are moving beyond the traditional audit activities toward an environment of more sophisticated analysis to derive more value from the audit process.

Clients now expect an audit to not only involve risk assessments but are also looking for the audit to highlight potential areas of operational and business improvements. Analytical based approaches can assist to refine the focus of the audit to pinpoint areas of true risk and also potential reward, allowing audit teams to move from a platform of solely looking back to providing insight into the organization.

Leveraging the power of analytics, the result of audit activities can produce insights and conclusions that help decision makers take action quickly and make more effective, timely decisions.

Audit Analytics delivers audit services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance—anywhere in the world.