changing game cyber risk


Changing the game on cyber risk

Be secure, vigilant, and resilient

The strategic things you do to grow your business or achieve your mission are at the heart of the cyber risks your organization faces.

Most reports on cyber security revolve around a common theme: despite heightened attention and unprecedented levels of security investment, the number of cyber incidents—and their associated costs—continues to rise. They typically point to the growing sophistication of hackers and other adversaries as a particularly intractable problem, and some deliberate over whether being secure is even possible in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of cyber attacks.

You can’t secure everything equally.

  • Being secure means focusing protection around the risk-sensitive assets at the heart of your organization’s mission.
  • Being vigilant means establishing threat awareness throughout the organization, and developing the capacity to detect patterns of behavior that may indicate, or even predict, compromise of critical assets.
  • Being resilient means having the capacity to rapidly contain the damage, and mobilize the diverse resources needed to minimize impact—including direct costs and business disruption, as well as reputation and brand damage.
Be secure, vigilant, and resilient
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