ID Agenda 2020

Brazil’s Agenda 2020

Business community's expectations for Brazil and their businesses

“Brazil’s Agenda 2020” is the broadest survey of expectations and intentions of business leaders for the business environment in the country. The survey brings answers from representatives of companies that together make up the equivalent of half of the wealth generated in Brazil.

The survey


Participating companies

R$ 3,5 trilhões

Sum of revenues in 2019


of Brazil's GDP represented*


Respondents in board, presidency, and officer positions

* 2019; Accumulated 12 months – 2nd quarter

Views, priorities, and perspectives from executives

Seven out of ten respondents expect 2020 to be a positive year for business. However, creating a more favorable environment for growth depends on maintaining and expanding strategic investments by organizations and consistent public policies by the Government to stimulate business activity. For this reason, “Brazil’s Agenda 2020” has investigated the intentions of the business community by also considering different scenarios for the economy next year. See below the main highlights of the survey results.

Building a robust and purposeful agenda for Brazil

Altair Rossato, Deloitte's CEO, and Renata Muramoto, partner who leads the CFO Program, comment on the results of “Agenda 2020”.

Video: What the business community in Brazil thinks and expects?

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