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Executive Message

Executive message

Executive Message
Executive Letter

Executive letter

Deloitte Global Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board letter

Punit Renjen,
Deloitte Global Chief Executive Officer

David Cruickshank,
Deloitte Global Chairman of the Board

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has arrived – and with it, a profound shift in how humans live and work.

Industrial revolutions have reshaped the world four times over the past four centuries. Deloitte was born as the First Industrial Revolution wound down, and helped bring accountability to the burgeoning railroad and manufacturing industries, and trust to capital markets.

The Second Industrial Revolution was marked by a wave of globalization, as innovations in rail, steam power, telegraph, and electricity facilitated greater movement of people and information. Around the world, Deloitte – and firms that would later be part of Deloitte – served clients with the increasingly sophisticated accounting procedures needed to support the rise of multinational corporations.

The emergence of the consulting profession as we know it, and enhancement of professional practices and tools used by accountants, occurred in response to the Third Industrial Revolution. Since that time, Deloitte has been at the forefront of the development of these professions, evolving to meet client needs and serve the public interest in the changing business environment.

And now Industry 4.0 brings the physical and digital worlds together, at a pace unmatched by previous industrial revolutions, embedding the power of data, analytics, and mobility into everything we do. Tremendous opportunities emerge almost daily, and organizations that are ready to seize these opportunities know that:

  • Relevancy requires vision, deep insights, and speed
  • Excellence stems from blending disciplined execution with innovation and transformative ideas
  • Evolving needs of clients and professionals necessitate smart collaboration and strong relationships
  • Getting results starts with asking the right questions and making a steadfast commitment to purpose as the inspiration for operational and talent strategies
  • Advancing society means thinking beyond business implications

Deloitte is prepared to take on the challenges of a changing world, to seize the opportunities of a new era, and to advise clients as they do the same. Deloitte is ready.

Are you?

Explore our 2017 Global Impact Report to learn more.


Punit Renjen
Deloitte Global Chief Executive Officer

David Cruickshank
Deloitte Global Chairman of the Board

Executive Message


Note: Revenue figures are in US$ billion. Percentage growth rates are in local currency. Global figures are aggregated across the global Deloitte network. Because of rounding, numbers may not tally with the total.

Note: Global figures are aggregated across the global Deloitte network. Because of rounding, numbers may not tally with the total.

Note: Global figures are aggregated across the global Deloitte network.

* New hires as a percentage of total.

Note: All figures are in US$. All figures are aggregated across the global Deloitte network. Deloitte observes reporting standards from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and the London Benchmarking Group. The monetary value of community activities was estimated according to the type of service performed. The value of volunteer work was based on local staff costs. Pro bono work, defined as work that Deloitte has delivered to not-for-profit organizations free-of-charge or at a significantly reduced rate, has been valued at fair market rates representative of the local client service rates for comparable services.

* Includes monetary and in-kind donations from Deloitte Global, member firms, and their foundations.
** Includes Deloitte people’s donations to supported organizations.
*** Includes Deloitte member firm foundation costs for managing societal impact programs.

Note: The above list of services is a representative sampling of Deloitte’s cross-business capabilities. Deloitte offers many services, not all of which are available from every Deloitte member firm and not all of which are permissible for audit clients under various professional and regulatory standards.

Please visit www.deloitte.com/GlobalOfficeDirectory and contact an office near you to inquire about Deloitte capabilities to provide services in locations not listed above.

Executive Letter
4 Questions for 4.0

4 Questions for 4.0

Are you ready?

The physical and digital worlds are colliding. It’s time to move beyond business as usual.

Are you ready to change the world?

Are you ready to create new value?

Are you ready to transform work?

Are you ready to disrupt the status quo?