2018 Transparency Report

Deloitte South Africa

Welcome to Deloitte South Africa’s first Transparency Report for the financial year ended 31 May 2018 (FY18).

Deloitte recognises the critical role we play in the economy and that our services are of public interest. For this reason, we are voluntarily disclosing a range of information pertaining to how we conduct our business.

The Deloitte 2018 Transparency Report provides disclosures about the structure of our firm, governance, pay gaps across gender and race, the revenue split between advisory and audit, and our risk-management processes. It also showcases our ongoing commitment to raising the bar and committing to the highest standards of professional conduct. With this report, we aim to spearhead a new standard for professional services firms in Africa.

Key highlights

Network & governance structure

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A multidisciplinary professional serivces firm

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FY18 financial information

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Deloitte South Africa's 2020 transformation strategy

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A spotlight on audit

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Risk management, independence & ethics

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Deloitte invited leaders from the UK’s most influential companies and public sector bodies to participate in an online survey. One hundred and six executives responsible for digital technologies and ways of working from FTSE listed companies, large private companies and large UK public sector organisations participated in the survey. The combined market value of the 106 survey participants is £707.8 billion, which equates to approximately 27 per cent of the UK quoted equity market. This information, which was collected between February and March 2018, has been analysed in aggregate and forms the basis of this publication. In some Figures, because of rounding, percentages may not add up to 100.