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About Deloitte Alchemy School of Management

Deloitte Alchemy School of Management provides bespoke educational programmes for senior executives and leaders of organisations. Working closely with our clients we draw from world-class faculties within Deloitte, as well as those of leading business schools in designing programmes that build leadership abilities. We combine the broad, strategic experience of our firm with our depth of intellectual property to boost expertise in performance strategies and human capital competitiveness.

Our programmes focus on:

  • Future of work
  • Competitive strategy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership in a digital age
  • Ethics in leadership
  • Digital transformation
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Summary reports from our recent client network engagements:

Wonder Women in Leadership

What makes our programmes unique?

Impactful experiences

Deloitte’s history of impactful engagements places us at the intersection of innovative ideas and practical implementation. We are uniquely positioned to combine business theory with practical reality in our executive education programmes.

Access to global business leaders

Deloitte is a trusted and invaluable advisor to the most influential companies in the world, and our partnerships connect us to an expansive network of strategic thinkers.
Our network and access to some of the world’s leading innovative companies is a strong asset that underscores our executive education and leadership development programmes.

Experiential learning

Deloitte boasts a deep and contextual knowledge about industries and challenges facing businesses.

Combining this knowledge with experiential and immersive experiences creates a compelling differentiator for Deloitte Alchemy School of Management in the marketplace.

Future-proofing business

We help clients to effectively develop leaders so they know how to act, think and react more strategically to digital innovation and leader-led strategic transformation and change.

We prepare leaders for business transformation along cultural, digital and future of work dimensions.

Deloitte’s brand and reputation

The Deloitte brand is recognised globally as a credible and trusted partner for success.
We possess proven credentials in delivering innovative solutions. Our depth of experience is of crucial importance for our clients who require solutions for increasingly complex business problems.

World-class academic faculty

We have partnerships with some of the world’s top ranking business schools and universities. We work alongside these institutions to create and implement programmes that enhance the value of Deloitte’s executive education offering.

Message from the Dean,
Dr Martyn Davies

At Deloitte we believe in making an impact that matters in business and in society.

As one of the world’s top professional services firms, we assist some of the largest corporations, governments and non-profit organisations to overcome the challenges they face in an increasingly complex, global economy. We achieve this by bringing to the table our global networks, expertise and intellectual property to assist our clients to future-proof their businesses.

The mission of Deloitte Alchemy School of Management is to enhance our clients’ competitiveness by training their leadership. We do this by providing highly customised executive education programmes that are designed to develop individuals, improve effectiveness of teams and amplify organisational functionality.

We believe in immersive experiential and real-time, case study learning that taps into our deep, practical experience of solving the most complex challenges on behalf of our clients.

To this end, we have also partnered with some of the world’s leading universities and business schools to co-create and implement programmes, both locally and globally, on behalf of our clients.

Global Executive Leadership Programme (GELP)

Deloitte Alchemy has as its flagship the Global Executive Leadership Programme (GELP), a future-focused, experiential and contextual education programme on the digital evolution for senior executives.

GELP seamlessly integrates both academic and practical learning in a fast-paced highly innovative format.

Participants will be exposed to some of the world’s best academic minds and most innovative companies over a four-week period that takes place in international destinations.

GELP places an emphasis on the impact of digital on business models, while providing a deep and immersive world-class learning experience. An individual executive coach is assigned to delegates, and dedicated one-on-one sessions are scheduled over the course of the programme.

Future of Mobility (FoM) Programme

Frictionless, automated, personalised travel on demand—that’s the dream of the future of mobility.
Shared mobility, autonomous vehicles, seamless intermodal transit show how the entire way we travel from point A to point B is changing. This transformation is creating a new mobility ecosystem with implications affecting more than just the automotive industry.

In the new mobility ecosystem, value creation opportunities will likely require stakeholders to rethink their business models. Depending on an organisation’s role in the ecosystem, leaders will need to determine whether existing capabilities allow them to deliver the value customers demand—and if not, how to build new strengths. Any actor involved in the movement of people and goods should begin identifying now where it wants to play in the new mobility ecosystem.

Deloitte Alchemy School of Management provides bespoke executive education for senior executives and leaders of organisations. Drawing on the world class faculty both from within Deloitte as well as from leading business schools, The FoM programme is intended to contribute to the leadership abilities of executives in understanding their capabilities against the emerging needs of the ecosystem and to formulate strategies around which areas to focus on and how to be successful in them.

FoM programme schedule

In-market learning immersions

May-June 2020

  • 2 days (Johannesburg)
  • 6 days (Germany and UK)
  • 1 day (Johannesburg)

Target group: Senior Management

Why Johannesburg?

Johannesburg is the economic hub for South Africa and the region. It is one of the first municipalities in South Africa to issue a green bond (US$110 million) for environmental and social sustainability projects, including the procurement of 150 hybrid-fuel buses. Mobility in Johannesburg provides a case study of a developing city grappling with the mobility challenge for its expanding population.

Why Germany?

Germany’s automakers are investing heavily to remain relevant in a new paradigm shaped by connected, shared, electric and eventually autonomous vehicle technology.

Why UK?

The City of London has one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated, and best-functioning transportation systems. What lessons can other cities learn from its successes and challenges?

Budget: R109 000 (includes: Economy flights, premium, accommodation, shuttles and full tuition)

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