Digital Predictions 2018

The Deloitte Consumer Review

In this edition of The Deloitte Consumer Review, we explore the latest developments in technology and how this is predicted to shake up the consumer market, drive innovation and create opportunities for both growth and greater efficiency.

Drawing upon the Deloitte Global 17th annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions, we have identified six digital trends that are driving the next phase of disruption in the consumer market. These trends focus on technologies that will both enhance the consumer experience and transform the way consumer businesses operate.

Our predictions

Augmented reality
Augmented Reality as an application has major commercial and operational potential. By providing businesses with the ability to realistically overlay their products and services on real world scenes, AR has the ability to truly enhance the consumer experience. How can consumer-facing businesses use AR technology to transform the customer journey? Find out more
The future of the smartphone
Consumers are more demanding of their smartphone than ever before. Consumer businesses have adapted by integrating the mobile experience into every element of their customer journey. What are the next smartphone innovations consumer businesses need to be thinking about? How will this behavioural change impact the customer journey? Find out more
In-flight connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity across all new planes will not only provide opportunities for airlines to generate further revenue but it will open new channels for consumer businesses, such as retailers, to engage with their audience. How can consumer businesses take advantage of these opportunities? How will it revolutionise in-flight entertainment and in-flight shopping? Find out more
The ability of blockchain to track and trace products, record contracts and transactions, and guarantee the movement of information will see the technology move beyond its association with cryptocurrency and step into the mainstream. What opportunities will blockchain provide for consumer businesses? How will it fundamentally change the consumer supply chain? Find out more
Digital subscriptions
The rise in online subscriptions is driving a number of significant changes to existing consumer business models. Consumer demand for subscription retail services is growing. While the demand for an ‘ad-free’ media experience, means that all businesses investing heavily in digital advertising will need to rethink how they communicate to their customers. How can consumer businesses adapt to these changes? Find out more
Machine learning
Machine learning provides consumer businesses with the ability to analyse, understand and improve consumer behaviour. As the barriers to use are slowly removed, how can consumer businesses use ML to make sense of ‘big data’ and provide a personalised customer experience? What impact will ML have on supply chain efficiency? Find out more
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