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Alicia Hatch, Deloitte Digital’s CMO, graces cover of Adweek

Deloitte Digital’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alicia Hatch, has been named to the annual Adweek 50 list alongside the most influential leaders in marketing, media and tech. The annual list honors executives from an array of industries who are using new technologies and business acumen to deliver value to customers and drive growth for their businesses.

As Deloitte Digital reshapes content and commerce, Hatch is just getting started. Tasked with guiding and growing an increasingly diverse and connected web of data, technology and more than 10,000 employees (while also delivering quantifiable results for clients) is something Hatch does with ease. Of the job at hand, Hatch says “we’re making creativity more important than ever by tying it more closely to the heart of business strategy and industry insights.”

Hatch has spent the past 20 years pushing the boundaries in marketing for Fortune 500 brands. Prior to Deloitte Digital, she was instrumental in building Xbox’s billion-dollar Halo videogame franchise, cultivating the most devoted fan base in the gaming world. Hatch also built a leading digital agency, Banyan Branch, which was one of the first companies to use social media data to uncover consumer perceptions that drive key behaviors. Banyan Branch was acquired by Deloitte in 2013. Hatch started her career working on disease control in West Africa for the World Health Organization. It was during this time that she first recognized the importance of understanding collective connections and perceptions within communities, a learning that would jumpstart her career in business strategy and marketing.

Read more about the honor and her story here.

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