Brexit – VAT and Customs

How Brexit affects your business

Brief description

Four and a half years after the Brexit referendum, the EU and UKfinalised a new Trade & Cooperation Agreement on Christmas Eve.The deal provides businesses with much needed certainty and clarityregarding the legal framework for trade with the UK from 2021onwards. The Agreement has been provisionally applied since 1January 2021. While tariffs and quotas on goods trade were generally(and mercifully) avoided, new customs procedures are in force.

This webinar on Brexit will brief you on the VAT and Customsimplications triggered following Brexit and how these affect yourbusiness.

Who should attend the course?

The virtual seminar is addressed to Chief Executive Officers, ChiefFinancial Controllers, Finance Directors, Finance Managers, FinancialAuditors and Accountants.

Deloitte Academy seminar - Brexit – VAT and Customs


Time and duration

Joining time: 08:45–09:00
Workshop: 09:00-11:30

Event duration: 2,5 hrs

Dates and venues

16 April 2021

Zoom meeting - link will be shared with the registered participants

Facilitators and Keynote Speakers  

Christos Papamarkides | Partner | Indirect Tax Services

Christakis Economou | Director | Indirect Tax Services


€50 (+VAT) per person



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