CTO Scheme for the lengthening of the tourist period

Grant scheme for investments in the enrichment and upgrading of the tourism product

With the main objective of improving the competitiveness of the hotel and ancillary tourist product of the country, investments and interventions are encouraged and supported by the Scheme, aiming at mitigating the limitations of tourism development, such as the seasonality of tourist flows and the one-dimensional tourist product.

The total budget of the Scheme is €16m and is divided into three Axes and the following sub-categories:

  • AXIS A: Development of new standalone projects for Conferences and Sports Tourism
  • AXIS B: Upgrading and enrichment of the existing hotel and tourist establishments
  • AXIS C: Modernisation, enrichment, renovation of premises of existing establishments

For more information please download the flyer.

CTO Scheme for the lengthening of the tourist period
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