Deloitte: Cyprus Tax Firm of the Year 2014

Deloitte named Cyprus Tax Firm of the Year for 2014 during the International Tax Review (ITR) European Tax Awards.

Life at Deloitte

Why Deloitte?

Eight reasons to join us!


Audit Transparency Report 2015

Regulatory context 


Culture and Beliefs

Our firm's tradition of excellence and record of quality are the manifestation of our commitment and culture. Now, with the recent shifts in the marketplace and changes in the legislative and regulatory environment, these values have become more important than ever.

Our Vision is to be the Standard of Excellence

At Deloitte, we work to maintain and protect our core values of integrity, objectivity, independence and technical excellence. We employ outstanding professionals and instill in all our people the sense that we must act with integrity and ethos, and always do the right thing.

Our vision is realised through being highly respected by our broad community of stakeholders, and being:

  • The First Choice of the world's most coveted talent… drawn by our eminence, culture and diversity
  • The First Choice of the most sought-after clients… attracted by the breadth and depth of our world-class service in each market segment

Our Shared Values

Great companies are built on a foundation of culture and values. At Deloitte, this is what makes us unique and successful. Our values shape our culture. The inform about the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients, markets and communities.

The shared beliefs of our people always strive to achieve our firm's mission, that is to help our clients and people excel. This strong emotional commitment towards our mission is deeply embraced in our firm's culture and engrained in everything we do.

Our shared beliefs are:

  • Outstanding value to clients
  • Commitment to each other
  • Integrity
  • Strength from cultural diversity


Delivering outstanding service to all our clients is our top priority. It is our goal to be recognised for:

  • Quality and efficiency of delivery
  • Integrity and our robust and independent approach
  • Innovation combined with propriety


We believe that exceptional client service can only be delivered by exceptional people. Their quality, enthusiasm and commitment are the cornerstones of our current and future successes. We bring together people from different academic, career and personal backgrounds. Our collaborative, people-focused culture encourages mutual respect, open communications and ongoing learning. We are the employer of choice for top talent, attracting and retaining the most able people in our profession. 

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