Our Shared Values

Our Shared Values are the underlying factors or ideologies that guide us and contribute to long-lasting success. They join together professionals across different cultures, customs and languages and promote trust among partners and professionals.

Uniting through Shared Values

Our Values are all-encompassing and embrace the cultures in which we operate. They are:

  • the foundation from which decisions and actions are made;
  • the bond that holds DTTL and its member firms consistent and together as they grow, diversify, and expand; and
  • a timeless source of guidance and inspiration to all that embody them.

Applying exemplary standards of professional conduct to all activities with clients and within our communities

  • Respecting laws and regulations
  • Respecting strict confidentiality
  • Accepting internal and external controls 

Behaving in a manner that answers to the expectations of the stakeholders of our professions

  • Reporting and developing trustworthy information
  • Dealing with conflicts of interests with transparent processes
Outstanding value to markets and clients

Delivering quality services

  • Working as a team for the benefit of the client
  • Leveraging all resources to deliver quality to the client and stakeholders
  • Offering solutions to complex business challenges
Commitment to each other

Building on mutual trust and respect

  • Listening actively and communicating openly
  • Giving individually and as a team the best to achieve goals
  • Helping each other and working together

Caring for our people and the wider community

  • Continuously giving opportunities to people to improve, learn and development
  • Rewarding people on the relevance and quality of their work
  • Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility attitude
  • Supporting a balanced life style

Strength from cultural diversity

  • Developing pride of belonging and sense of responsibility within the diversity of the group
  • Understanding individual cultures, and collectively applying the best solution
  • Being open to new ideas and different perspectives
  • Capitalizing on all aspects of diversity
  • Enhancing an environment which enables individuals to achieve common and individual goals
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