Data Governance

Keeping an eye on the big picture with Data Governance

Brief description

Data Governance is an end-to-end approach for enabling Data Management. It is a collaborative framework of roles and responsibilities, processes and technology that facilitates decision-making and accountabilities for managing, using, improving, maintaining, monitoring, and protecting information across the enterprise.

The more important data is for a company’s business model, the greater the necessity for Data Governance. In line with the management of other assets such as financial capital or human resources, Data Governance ensures value driven management of the business asset data.

While in the past, high quality data mainly ensured smooth operations and regulatory compliance, high quality data is nowadays a key asset with an inherent value that is leveraged via analytics based decision making. This seminar describes how Data Governance can be implemented based on the Deloitte Data Governance Framework. While traditional Data Governance structures are also the basis for Data Governance in the age of Big Data, some considerations apply.

Who should attend the course?

The virtual seminar is addressed to Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Data Privacy Officers.

Deloitte Academy seminar - Data Governance


Time and duration

Joining time: 09:45–10:00
Workshop: 10:00-11:30

Event duration: 1.5 hrs

Dates and venues

4 March 2021

Zoom meeting - link will be shared with the registered participants

Facilitators and Keynote Speakers  

Panicos Papamichael | Partner | Risk Advisory Leader

Giorgos Ermogenous | Manager | Risk Advisory


€100 (+VAT) per person



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