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Anticipating tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies is a challenge. Stay tuned in with Dbriefs that give you valuable insights on important developments affecting your business in Asia Pacific

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Dbriefs Library

If you have missed our Dbriefs live webcasts, you can visit the Dbriefs Library page to explore our archived webcasts from the last 6 months.

Dbriefs Mobile

You can watch Dbriefs Webcasts (live and archived), Dbriefs Bytes, and Dbriefs Conversations on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices anywhere at your convenience. You will stay connected with the most topical business issues at your fingertips while you are in transit at the airport, on the plane, commuting in the subway, or even at the gym. 

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Dbriefs Bytes

Dbriefs Bytes brings you a weekly summary of the significant international tax developments impacting Asia Pacific. This video is broadcast every Friday afternoon.

Dbriefs Bytes is presented by Steve Towers, Asia Pacific Leader - International Tax


Dbriefs微播每周解读影响亚太区的国际税收发展新动向。这视频将于每周二上午播出。敬请关注。 请注意,Dbriefs微播内容跟上周Dbriefs Bytes(英语版)内容相同。 Dbriefs微播由王鲲、叶红、叶永青、张慧和张博主讲。

Dbriefs Conversations

Dbriefs Conversations brings you discussions between Deloitte experts on current tax and business issues.

BEPS Central

BEPS Central is your one-stop shop for information on the BEPS Project. Here you can find all the official documents on the BEPS Project, as well as related Deloitte comments.

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