Deloitte at the Brussels Forum 2018

German Marshall Fund of the US (GMF)

As strategic partner to the annual GMF Brussels Forum, Deloitte is joining influential North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address challenges facing both sides of the Atlantic, with a particular emphasis on the changing nature of work and smart regulations.

Under the theme “Revise, Reboot, Rebuild: Strategies for a Time of Distrust”, GMF's Brussels Forum 2018 is designed to encourage policymakers and experts to work together to directly confront the challenging world we find ourselves in today. It aims to analyze the reasons for the breakdown of trust within and between societies and find new ways to build strong partnerships and networks that support our societies’ democratic ideals.

Brussels Forum 2018: Watch the sessions

This year’s Deloitte delegation included:

  • David Barnes, Global Public Policy Leader
  • Roger Dassen, Global Vice Chairman, Risk Regulatory, and Public Policy
  • Gavin Flook, Clients & Industries Leader, Central Europe
  • Frank Friedman, Global COO
  • Henry Ristuccia, Managing Partner, Policy and Government Relations Leader, US
  • Peter Shimer, CFO, US
  • Piet Vandendriessche, CEO, Belgium
  • Rik Vanpeteghem, Regional Managing Director EMEA
  • Geert Verstraeten, COO, Belgium

Setting the scene

Frank Friedman was the scene setter for the “The Transatlantic Economies are Growing — How Do We Make Growth More Equal and Inclusive?” sessions which debates:

  • Re-Building Trust in Trade – A New Narrative, or a New Approach?
  • Fight for Economic Equality 
  • Synchronizing Technological Revolutions

Photo credits: Banner and Frank Friedman photos courtesy of the German Marshall Fund of the US.

Brussels Forum 2018: Nik Gowing interviews Frank Friedman

Henry Ristuccia spoke at the breakout dinner “Re-Building Trust in Innovation through Smart Regulation” which looked at the many areas in which technologies and innovations are advancing on both sides of the Atlantic, trying to identify areas where our regulatory approaches are likely to diverge and what we can do to minimize the disruptions those differences may cause, both to our societies and our economies, and to the transatlantic relationship.

Young Professionals Summit

Deloitte is also actively engaged with the GMF Young Professionals Summit (YPS), which runs in parallel of the Forum. This program helps to foster the next generation of Transatlantic leaders. Deloitte professionals, who were nominated by senior leaders, will be attending the YPS.

Elisabeth Denison, Chief Strategy & Talent Officer, Germany and EMEA Talent Leader spoke on the “Rebooting the Workplace: Retraining for Jobs that Don’t Exist, Yet” session.

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