European Personal Branding for Employment

Final Project Meeting

The final project meeting for the European Personal Branding for Employment (EPBE) project will take place on the 31st of May, 2017 in Barcelona.

EPBE is an EU-funded project under the Erasmus+ (KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education) that aims to combat youth unemployment in the EU by assisting students, graduates and people looking for a job to develop digital skills in the field of job hunting and personal branding.

To support teachers, trainers, and youth students with the digital integration of the learning experience, EPBE will utilize Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). MOOCS are free online/web-based courses that are specifically designed for the participation of large numbers of geographically dispersed students.

Overall, the EPBE project pursues the following objectives:

  • Promote the idea that ICT solutions/products can assist with job search
  • Create a plan of multidisciplinary studies based on real-life problems, that will involve different sectors of education
  • Identify training needs and competencies necessary for the development and strategy of lifelong learning based online personal branding and job search
  • Share educational content related to personal branding and job search through the use of open educational resources.

The outputs of the project are:

  • 2 free MOOCS in the fields of Personal Branding and Job Hunting
  • Handbook on methodological and pedagogical approaches in distance learning for on-line personal branding and job hunting 
  • Toolkit of reusable MOOCS didactical contents for trainers containing quality guidelines
  • 'Train for trainers' blended learning course on 'Methodologies in distance and blended learning' that focuses on how to train in the classroom with ICT, how to support learners, how to pass on knowledge to other trainers and curricula design of MOOCs 'Personal Branding and Job Hunting 4.0' courses.
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