World Economic Forum centre partnerships

Deloitte is partnering with the World Economic Forum’s centres to proactively address some of today’s most pressing technology challenges. Deloitte will offer its expertise in support of these centres and the collaborative global platform they provide for governments, leading companies, civil society, and experts from around the world.

WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) enables stakeholders to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to the policy and governance of new technologies. Its vision is to shape the development and use of emerging technologies in ways that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. The centre serves as a…

  • A space for global cooperation that is dedicated to co-designing policy frameworks and governance protocols that accelerate the application of science and technology in the global public interest.
  • A “do-tank” versus a think tank in that partner governments and companies will co-design and pilot frameworks and protocols for rapid iteration and scale.
  • A champion for ethics and values in technology: all policy principles, frameworks, and regulation developed at the C4IR will prioritize ethics and values.

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WEF Centre for Cybersecurity

To shape the future of cybersecurity, the Centre for Cybersecurity (C4C) brings together governments, businesses, experts, and law enforcement agencies to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges. The Centre is a dedicated and trusted platform that harnesses collective knowledge to provide unique insights on cyber threats, risks, and solutions. The centre seeks to:

  • Reduce global cyberattacks by developing global security standards, policies and practices, and by promoting and implementing security by design
  • Contain current and future cyberattacks globally through intensified cooperation and information sharing
  • Deter cybercrime by heightening the risks associated with participating in illegal cyber activities by means of reinforced collaboration between public and private partners

Deloitte will also serve as a member of the Centre for Cybersecurity’s board.

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