1. I am an experienced professional or a young graduate but I'm not sure which area I want to work in. Can I just send in a speculative CV?

You can always send your CV at However, we recommend that you go through our Services section in order to have a look at our various service lines and see what department would possibly suit you best.

2. Do you have a closing date for applications?

The deadline for our Summer Scheme is the end of April. We do not have a deadline relating to our Trainee Scheme, so you can send your application at a time that's convenient for you with regards to your workload, exams etc. But bear in mind that we usually fill our vacancies a year before in advance.

3. If I am not successful at any stage of my application, how long do I have to wait before I re-submit an application?

If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the application process, unfortunately you will not be able to re-submit your application form as we assess only one application for each individual. However, you can always submit a CV which will be kept in our database and considered for future vacancies at our firm, or at any of our clients.

4. What if I can't attend the interview date I've been given?

You should contact a member of the Human Resources Department by phone or email well in advance of the interview date and we will try to reschedule your interview.

5. What year of my studies do I have to be in for the Summer Scheme?

Our Summer Scheme is for students who are due to proceed to their final year of their undergraduate degree. You cannot join the scheme if you are studying for a Masters or a similar postgraduate qualification. Additional information can be found in our Summer Scheme section.

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