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Alexia Michael

Director | Assurance and Enterprise Risk Services Department 

Upon the completion of my bachelor degree in Accounting back in 2005 I aimed at enhancing my knowledge via membership with the ICAEW. The decision on the training firm to assist me in accomplishing my goal was clear in my mind and was Deloitte, a people oriented and among the country’s leading professional services firms. I joined the firm as an assistant and nine years later I am now a senior manager in the Assurance and Enterprise Risk Services Department. Through the years I have been involved in the audits of various clients and have gained a lot of experience while I have also been provided with the necessary trainings both locally and abroad that assisted in enhancing my technical knowledge. My professional development was further enhanced via the specialization I have gained in the Financial Services Industry and specifically in insurance companies. Throughout my employment at Deloitte I have enjoyed being part of a network of dedicated professionals and working with so many high caliber people.

Christos Makedonas

Manager | ERS

Joining Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) department after spending six years in the Banking Sector as an Information Systems Auditor, was a significant challenge but also a fruitful and rewarding turn in my career. Since I joined Deloitte a year ago, I have had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of significant projects for major clients across various industries and also to enhance both my technical and soft skills. Moreover, I was given the opportunity to cooperate with talented people, both locally and also from Deloitte's global network. I believe Deloitte should be the first choice for professionals who are passionate and wish to evolve.

Novia Georgiou

Manager | Audit services 

I decided that I wanted to be part of the Deloitte ‘family’ when I joined the firm as a summer trainee. The working environment and people’s culture were the most important factors that contributed in taking my decision to choose Deloitte against the other big four firms. I joined Deloitte back in 2008 as an assistant after I finished my bachelor degree and since then Deloitte has been a great workplace. I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to work with lots of talented people full of dreams and ambitions. The things that I cherish the most in the Firm are the constant opportunities for self-development through seminars, trainings and of course the exposure to a large portfolio of clients. The sharing of experience and knowledge between colleagues is very valuable to me as well. The key for the successful completion of the challenging engagements with tight deadlines is teamwork, the effective communication between the different employee levels and the opportunity for every member of the engagement team to share their thoughts and opinions. Working at Deloitte for the past six years has been a challenging and simultaneously very rewarding experience, which has helped me develop on a personal and professional level.

Aleksandar Rosnev

Senior | Audit and Assurance Services Deparment 

Working at Deloitte is an unmatched opportunity for young professionals. In my short time here, I have worked on a diverse range of clients, in small and big teams, and have gained invaluable experience. The working environment is conductive to high performance, but also comradery. At Deloitte I have rapidly transformed from a college student to a professional, but have also made friends and become a part of a culture of excellence.  

Andreas M. Michael

Director | Audit and Assurance/Integrated Services

After graduating from the University of Cyprus in 2004, I was looking to kick-start my career at an international company top quality professional in Cyprus. Having being here for the past nine years I can say that since then I have matured both personally and professionally. Deloitte invests a lot of time and resources in shaping better and smarter professionals. This aligned with my long term target which is to build a career where I will be able to make an impact and Deloitte has played a significant role in allowing me to identify where my skills and abilities are best suited. Deloitte has provided me with great opportunities and also challenges to develop, including working overseas for clients, liaising with other Deloitte offices on global engagements, participating in international seminars, taking part in consultation committees of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus and also acting as a facilitator both locally and internationally. Over the years I have gained extensive experience in the audits of large local and international clients as well as participate in special large and small scale projects. On a daily basis I am dealing with a variety of clients, businesses and industries and also I spend a lot of time for internal roles such as appraisals, coaching and liaising with other departments. I really enjoy the variety of the work and the opportunity to work with some great professional clients, the fast paced environment and the team spirit that exists.

Konstantia Loizou

Supervising Senior | Assurance Services 

After finishing my bachelor in Accounting and Finance, I wanted to commence my career in audit. Fortunately, Deloitte has given me this opportunity. Right from the start I have been involved in large engagements that consist of various group of companies, mostly focusing in the shipping industry. The support and guidance offered by my colleagues helped me to develop my skills and knowledge, as well as to cope with the demanding process of acquiring my ACCA qualification. Deloitte offers a friendly environment towards its people. Apart from the high quality expertise it has to offer, I was very pleased to see that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. People that work at Deloitte always try to reveal the best of themselves, in times where client meetings are held or deadlines are approaching, or even at a night-out for a few drinks.

Mary Poufou

Senior Manager | Tax 

I started my career as in the ACA graduate scheme at the Deloitte London office. I stayed with the London office for five years (three years in audit and two years in tax). When I decided to move back home, I wanted to stay within the Deloitte family and thus transferred to the Deloitte Nicosia office and joined the tax team. I was impressed with the level of professionalism in the firm as well as the quality of the service offered to our clients. Since joining the team, I have worked on several clients, big and small, and on a number of interesting transactions. I was also very pleased with the working environment in the Tax Department as every day I have the opportunity to work with highly motivated individuals. Last, but not least, as a working mother with a management role in the firm, I am thrilled to be able to have work-life balance whilst working on challenging engagements. 

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