Our Summer Trainees share their experience

Androklis Gregoriou

Lancaster University - BSc Accounting and Finance

My participation in Deloitte’s Summer programme was a primary goal for me, just as it would be for any undergraduate student who wishes to engage professionally with such a high level and demanding company. The experience I gained from the three week programme has convinced me about the reasons that Deloitte has such high reputation for its work environment and audit section. Moreover, a very positive experience has been our visit to corporate offices for audit work and our contact with Professionals, whereby the latter helped us better understand the behavior and the way we operate as a company in the various Professional sectors. Also, the treatment and support I received from my mentor and other accountants I had contact with, have been unquestionably impressive. Notably, the Summer programme exceeded my expectations and convinced me that I have made the right decision about my career choice. 

Maria Thoma

University of Reading - BA in Accounting and Management

This summer I participated in the summer internship program of Deloitte. Working for three weeks in audit and tax, I was given the opportunity to interact with professional accountants, who with their experience in this profession but also the right guidance were able to offer me a complete picture regarding the procedures and operation of the accounting profession. My collaboration with the world of Deloitte was flawless. A team spirit always existed and everyone was always willing to answer all of my questions. My experiences during the course of three weeks in Deloitte, reassured my initial decision to work in this accounting firm and follow the accounting profession after the end of my studies, and acquire a professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant.

Carolina Xenopoulou

London School of Economics and Political Science - BSc in Accounting and Finance 

Deloitte as a company captured my attention from my very first exposure with the company’s premises and working environment. Following my participation in the Summer Internship program, I was convinced that it is a Firm that fully justifies its reputation. The professional accountants with whom I worked, contribute to a beautiful work environment while providing high quality services to Deloitte’s clients. During my internship, I worked with my mentor in the audit department who assigned a variety of tasks to me and was always willing to answer any questions I had, while ensuring my full understanding of a business’ audit cycle. Apart from the work experience, I was especially thrilled with the case study we were assigned to analyze and present our findings to a panel of assessors. I found the process of analyzing the figures and developing ideas based on the data provided very interesting. Overall, this experience has further assured me of the career path I chose to pursue as a trainee accountant. I am grateful that I was given this opportunity in such a prestigious company and for meeting remarkable people who will be my colleagues going forward.  

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