Summer internship program

It’s your future. How far will you take it?

A Summer Internship Program is operated by Deloitte. Eligible applicants for the scheme are those students that are due to proceed to their final year of their university studies and want to pursue chartered or certified accountancy traineeship.

During your summer internship you will have the opportunity to shadow experienced Deloitte people, to be involved in actual engagements at client premises and be allocated meaningful work. At the beginning of your summer internship you will be given a real-life case study and you will be asked to do your research and structure responses to a set of questions. This case study exercise will allow you to demonstrate your:

- Project management skills
- Analytical skills
- Business judgment
- Commercial awareness
- Presentation skills

In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience our Summer Mentor Scheme. A mentor will be allocated to you to support you in acquiring experience of the profession.

The mentoring programme will support you to:

- Adjust easily and faster
- Learn as much as possible about the firm and gain an insight of the firm's culture
- Have a constant point of contact within the firm
- Have easy access to firm’s policies and procedures
- Gain solid work experience in engagements

*Please note that you are only required to submit a single application form and take the Verbal and Numerical Reasoning tests once, for both the Summer Internship Program and the ACA/ACCA Trainee Scheme.  

Entry Requirements and Deadlines

The entry requirements that we consider are:

  • Secondary education results (apolyterion, GCEs, etc)
  • University degree
    - UK Universities: minimum grade of 2:1
    - University of Cyprus and Greek Universities: minimum GPA of 7,5 (7,25 if you have 5 or more exemptions)
    - Private Cyprus Universities: minimum 3.5 and a confirmation letter by the university indicating that you are in the top 10% of performers in your subject
    - US Universities: minimum GPA of 3.0 to 3.4 depending on the national ranking of the University
  • Personality traits
    - Self-Confidence
    - Communication skills
    - Influencing skills
    - Innovative thinking
  • Involvement in University and Community life

Note: It is a prerequisite to be interested in continuing on with our ACA/ACCA Trainee Scheme.


Deadline for applying
Interested applicants need to submit your application form by the end of April, of their year of interest.

How to Apply
To apply for the Summer Internship Program please fill out the Graduate Trainee Application Form and send it electronically or via post to one of our offices, depending on where you wish to be employed, addressed to the Human Resources Department.

Please note that by filling and submitting the Graduate Trainee Application Form you are also eligible to be considered for our Summer Internship Program, as long as you are due to proceed to the final year of your studies. You only need to submit your application once and provided you meet the minimum requirements, you are only required to take the numerical and verbal reasoning tests once.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Department, to inquire about the career opportunities currently available.

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