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For undergraduates and postgraduates interested to enter the profession, life is full of opportunity, potential and excitement. Our immediate goal is to help you achieve a winning edge and start you on the path of a long-term career. In order to achieve this, we sponsor individuals who meet our entry requirements and wish to embark on a full time three year training programme in order to become Chartered (ACA) or Chartered Certified (ACCA) Accountants. To assist you in that, we cover all training related expenses such as tuition fees, training material, paid study leave and exam fees.

You will also be teamed with a mentor, who will help you settle into your work environment, offer support with your immediate and future career plans, assist you in gaining a better understanding of our organization and guide you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become a fully qualified accountant.

As you become more experienced and grow along your career with us, you will have the opportunity to explore all facets of our business and become a specialist in a particular discipline. 

Entry Requirements and Deadlines

The entry requirements that we consider are:

  • Secondary education results (apolyterion, GCEs, etc)
  • University degree
    - UK Universities: minimum grade of 2:1
    - University of Cyprus and Greek Universities: minimum GPA of 7,5 (7,25 if you have 5 or more exemptions)
    - Private Cyprus Universities: minimum 3.5 and a confirmation letter by the university indicating that you are in the top 10% of performers in your subject
    - US Universities: minimum GPA of 3.0 to 3.4 depending on the national ranking of the University
  • Personality traits
    - Self-Confidence
    - Communication skills
    - Influencing skills
    - Innovative thinking
  • Involvement in University and Community life


Deadline for applying
There is no deadline for sending your application. Our experience has shown that graduates usually look to apply one year prior to graduation. Interviews usually take place a year prior to starting work, which is usually in the period from June through to October.

Graduate Career Opportunities Brochure

As a graduate at Deloitte, you can fulfill your career expectations. Given the opportunity to work with us, you will benefit from rigorous training and coaching programmes to develop the required technical competence, as well as the necessary interpersonal skills and you will be mentored by colleagues who are experienced professionals in the field.

At Deloitte you will have career advancement opportunities and a bright future ahead of you. Top performers will join our fast- track Talent Management program, offering rewarding experiences and enhanced career progression.

If you would like to learn more about Deloitte Cyprus, Our ACA and ACCA Programmes, Our Vision and Values, you can do so by reading the Graduate Career Opportunities Brochure. 

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