Funding Opportunities

EU funding programmes

European programmes are funds coming directly from the European Union's (EU) budget in the form of grants and cover priorities, as defined by the EU. They are administrated by the European Commission and are competitive and transnational, thus participation of partners from more than one member states is obligatory. These programmes are managed at central European level.

Co-funded and National Funding Programmes

Co-funded programmes: Co-funded programmes are funds coming from the European Union's structural funds, the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, and the European Cohesion Fund. These funds are co-funded by each member state's national budget. These programmes concern priorities which are identified and determined by the EU and Cyprus in the frame of wider developing programmes. The transnational dimension is not demanded, therefore, Cyprus bodies can participate solely. These programmes are managed in Cyprus, while the European Union reserves the right to monitor.

National programmes: National programmes are funds coming from the national budget. These programmes concern Cyprus priorities and they aim to enhance specific industries and levels of the national economy in the form of public subsidies. They are managed centrally in Cyprus.

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