Grants & Incentives

The Grants & Incentives Unit deals with funding opportunities mainly, but not exclusively, from the European Union (EU).

The Grants & Incentives Unit is active in the field of public policy and it provides consulting services concerning reorganisation activities, process improvements and simplification of procedures to the European Commission and the Government of Cyprus. The Grants & Incentives Unit is also part of the European Grants & Incentives Network of Deloitte which comprises of over 150 professionals, active in most of the EU member-states as well as other countries all over the world.

EU Grants for Research, Innovation and Education

Information dissemination and notification services - disseminating information to interested parties regarding funding opportunities from EU programmes, programmes jointly funded by the European Union and the Cyprus government and national programmes (programmes funded by the Cyprus government). Notifications sent to interested parties on a frequent basis.

Partner search - In order to be eligible for funding at EU level, one must show the relevance of the proposed project to more than one member - states. Thus, one of the key conditions to be financed by EU sources, is to propose a project that involves partners from two or more EU member-states or other countries defined in the calls for proposals. With regards to the above, we undertake partner search on behalf of our clients who are implementing or are interested in implementing a project funded by EU sources and are also responsible for notifying interested clients, of organisations that are interested in having Cypriot partners for the implementation of a project funded by the EU.

Preparation of proposals - Assistance in the formulation of the project idea, identification of a relevant programme to submit the proposal through, collection of necessary documentation, writing the proposal, preparation of the budget and submission of the proposal to the relevant authority. If possible and if desirable, Deloitte participates in project consortia as a project partner.

Project management - Coordination and monitoring of operations throughout a project, submission of progress and final reports as well as necessary documentation to the relevant authorities.

Enhancing Cyprus business development through the Structural Funds

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you prepare a convincing application. 

If you are looking for opportunities to participate in projects funded from Structural Funds we can assist you to select the most suitable source of funding and provide support in all stages of the application process. 

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