Latin America and Caribbean Regulatory Outlook 2019

Raising the bar in risk management

The 2019 Latin American and Caribbean (LATAM) Regulatory Outlook is the inaugural publication of the Latin American Center for Regulatory Strategy (LCRS) and dissects the key regional regulatory trends the financial services industry will need to monitor and address in 2019.

Two important themes that permeate through each regulatory topic within the Regulatory Outlook are technological disruption and a need for comprehensive risk management practices and culture. Many financial institutions have tried to patchwork solution-bought approaches to the new risks and threats they are facing, such as cyber threats, financial crime, data protection, among others. While this approach may work in the short term, a re-evaluation of the financial institution´s risk management framework and culture is necessary to develop a comprehensive and strategic approach. A critical component to this re-evaluation must be the new opportunities brought by digital transformation in the industry. The newly powerful fintech sector, artificial intelligence, cognitive technology, robotic process automation, and others must be considered to capture the benefits and transform obsolete risk management models.

With these critical cultural shifts in mind, we are pleased to introduce the 2019 Latin America and Caribbean Regulatory Outlook for financial institutions. This overview offers information and insights on some of the most critical regulatory and supervisory topics for the year ahead, examining how areas such as risk culture; financial crime; cyber-risk; data protection; fintech; Basel III implementation; consumer confidence; and risk-based-supervision are becoming increasingly imperative when addressing regulatory priorities and competitive demands.

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