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Globally, the payments segment continues to evolve and we anticipate it could result in significant changes to existing products, operations and services. Opportunities for collaboration, innovation and modernization can help our clients continue to adapt to the changing environment. Payment solutions continue to present an opportunity for growth and rapid innovation, which is resulting in many new players.

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Deloitte’s global payments team serves clients across the entire payments ecosystem— issuing banks, acquiring banks, card networks and associations, acquiring processor/service providers, merchants, fintechs and payment platforms such as mobile wallets and real-time payments for B2B, B2C, and P2P.

With professionals across consulting, tax, risk advisory, and audit, Deloitte’s payments group provides end-to-end capabilities that can enable companies to offer a wide range of alternative delivery channels and enhance customer experience. Our services focus around:

  • Strategy & innovation
  • Partnership models
  • Consumer (retail) services
  • Business/merchant acquisition services
  • Corporate/treasury management services
  • Processing and network services
  • Security, privacy, fraud & risk
  • Regulatory & compliance
  • Payment operations

Please reach out to us to discuss the latest trends in payments modernization and how they might impact your organization. Speak with our experts if you would like to discuss your payments strategies in detail.

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