Our Approach

At Deloitte we don't take a "one size fits all" approach. We recognise that each organisation will have different culture and management styles to consider, and different business issues to solve.

Our approach and methodologies have been developed on the basis of a profound experience in HR engagements, both globally and locally and with a clientele list that covers a vast variety of industries. Combined with the best practices and knowledge gained from our experience, we are in a position to offer effective solutions that add value to our clients.

Central to our methodology is the continuous consultation with our clients; principles such as collegiality, collaboration and teamwork are the main principles in our client relationships. We do not seek to spoon-feed you with ready-made solutions but rather, we ensure that tailor-made solutions are provided, which support and contribute to your strategic priorities. We strive to understand and map current processes, analyse the organisational environment and make fact-based recommendations. Then we provide support in the implementation process, with an eye on the things we know are important such as change management throughout the project.

We measure our success by the value we create for our clients. This is made possible by our commitment and belief that:

  • Our advice should always relate to your organisation's overall business strategy
  • Everything we do should enhance performance, productivity, and profitability
  • We should offer highly customised and innovative solutions that are practical to implement
  • Human capital issues should play an integral role in the strategic planning process - the HR Function should become a strategic business partner
  • We should customise our local knowledge and global expertise to fit your individual needs
  • Human capital issues have a direct impact on critical customer relationship and market-facing issues